12 Day Arms and Abs Challenge

12 Day ARMs and ABs

It’s the holiday season and one of the busiest times of year but we still need to make time for our health and fitness. Let’s do  this short challenge through the next two weeks of December together!


To work our arms we are going to do regular and tricep pushups. If you’re feeling up to it, try other types. This post on Women’s Health Magazine shows a great variations. Instructions for tricep push ups are here.


In the past I have done mason twists and crunches in my challenges but I thought I would find other ones to do this time around. This time around we are doing v-sits and forearm reaches. Find the “how tos” in this Pop Sugar post.

This challenge starts on Monday, December 12 so make sure you sign up today! If you are interested in joining my group, comment below or email me!



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One Comment to “12 Day Arms and Abs Challenge”

  1. Bonnie Wright says:

    Did a modified version of push ups. I am working on getting up an down from the floor so I did 70 and can feel it in my arms and shoulder and back. It does feel good.

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