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21 Day Fix Shirt after Completing the program!

Last September when 21 Day Fix was on special I found that MANY of my friends and customers wanted it. I decided to purchase the program myself and could lead my customers in the challenge group.

I was already had a few things going on at the time (you will find that this is a theme with me!) I was 30 days into PiYo and I wanted to complete the program so I could earn my free shirt. At the same time I was also training for a half marathon. I was covered in the fitness area. My plan was to do the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan and stick with PiYo/run.

Here was what I did

  • stuck to the 21 Day Fix eating plan
  • followed my run plan
  • added PiYo workouts on non-run days. I did the PiYo workouts in the order specified by the program calendar.

The 21 Day Fix eating plan is based on their 30 minute workouts which consists of cardio, strength, yoga and Pilates.  My challenge was accommodating for my long run days. The plan portions were not designed for the longer workouts. I needed to make sure my nutrition was correct during and after those runs so I was no underfed.  I had to adjust my calories to account for those extra burned during the run.

First Long Run

On the first weekend I had a 7 mile run scheduled. I followed my typical nutrition routine for my run.  I Basically ignored the 21 Day Fix rules for those few hours of the run because being properly fueled for was more important. I took my usual Gatorade Prime before the run and had my homemade “clean” electrolyte drink afterward.

While this worked nicely I felt sort of guilty for “cheating” with a non-clean food. I decided that next time I would try to “clean eat” throughout the run.

Second Long Run

In the following weekend , I had a 10 mile run scheduled.  As a result I needed to increase my portions as well as add fuel. Here was my plan:

  • consume “clean” carbs during the run for fuel – I tried a date-based gel.
  • hydrate homemade electrolyte drink after the run
  • add additional portions servings to my meals that day. I did it in the following order:
    • veggies
    • protein
    • fruit

Here’s what I ended up eating

  • additional veggie portion to replenish lost calories
  • additional protein portion to replenish lost calories
  • I would have added an additional fruit if I felt hungry but I wasn’t

The date gel fueled me nicely but it was a challenge to consume it and awkward to eat.  I might  try it again with a gel flask. I loved the electrolyte drink and plan to have it in my next long run or long bike ride.


Find the right food balance when you add the 21 Day Fix eating plan to a demanding fitness  routine. If you are working out for an hour or more fuel correctly and increase your portions!

Follow this plan

  • fuel for your run. This is important! If you wish, make sure you use a “clean” fuel however don’t beat yourself up if you diverge from the 21 Day Fix plan for your run. It is not healthy to head out without the proper nutrition.
  • hydrate properly after your run.
  • add additional portions to your meal plan that day to account for the extra calories burned. Eat only what you need and add additional servings in this order.
    • veggies
    • protein
    • fruit

Listen to your body – make sure you do not overeat or you will hurt your 21 Day Fix results.


Not all Beachbody coaches are created equal. Few are more active and consistent than most. Some have shown years of dedication to their customers and business. Some have a personal message and story that resonates with you. I am one of those few active, consistent and dedicated coaches. I strive to motivate others by sharing my journey. I listen to and respond to your needs. Before you make your Beachbody purchase, choose a coach that inspires, encourages and helps you stay on track with your health and fitness goals.

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