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Jen's TransformationThanks for stopping by! My name is Jennifer and I am a full time working mom of 2.  I created this site to help motivate and inspire other busy mamas like me in their journey for better health and fitness.

For most of my life staying slim was easy. I would eat anything I wanted and then spend a half an hour being active to maintain my desired size.

When I hit my late 30s my metabolism changed. I found myself gaining more and more weight each year. Despite hiring a personal trainer and doing different fitness programs I could not get down the size I wanted.  In a matter of 5 years I had gained 24 pounds. One day I realized I was growing out of my clothes, yet again. I did NOT want to continue to get heavier and less healthy. I took a long look at my habits.  My diet had to change.

Jennifer Betty 2017I initially started my weight loss journey by calorie counting. Doing this helped me see where I was consuming empty calories. Suddenly foods like soda and chips were not appealing anymore since they cost so much in calories but did very little to satisfy my appetite. It was my first step in cutting the wrong foods out of my diet. I eventually found 21 Day Fix and got down to a healthy weight again. Now I have the knowledge and tools I need and focus on helping others in their health and nutrition goals.

Still, I am a work in progress. I am not not perfect at all! I LOVE to eat and tend to enjoy rich foods during the holidays but I also balance that so I am able to stay within the weight range that makes me feel best. I try to be real with you all as I share my journey on instagram and in my blog.

Stay awhile! Check out my site overview page to see what I blog about here in the site.

Thanks for reading!


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