Going the Distance

As I drove to my 4th half marathon race this morning, it dawned on me that less than a year ago I ran my first half marathon. Really?!  I had not planned on this. Wow, without intending to, I surpassed my original goal from 2 years ago.



2013.  I had a goal to complete a half marathon. I completed several weeks of training but throughout those weeks I struggled with posterior tibial tendon pain. With one month left to go, I reluctantly decided not to race. I was not happy with this decision but it was the smart thing to do.

I did not let go of my half marathon goal but I readjusted the target date. It took me a year of physical therapy, and waiting patiently until I got the green light to add distance, a year of doing those boring but necessary exercises every day (ugh). Through it all I wasn’t even sure if I would ever be able to run distance without pain and possible injury.

2014. Eventually I healed. I improved my running form. I made those exercises part of my regular routine and was able to go the distance. I completed my first half marathon on April 13, 2014.

6 months after the first race I decided I was ready to try again. I trained better, avoided pain and injury and raced smarter. I got a 5 minute PR! The next day I signed up for half marathon #3.

2015. And now here I am at #4.  I intended to one half marathon and somehow I managed 3 more within a the year.

What a couple of years it has been! It was SO worth the journey.


This post is not about about half marathons or running. It is about goals and realizing that even though it might take longer to reach them, it is important to push through, be patient, break those larger goals into small ones and achieve. This post is about overcoming challenges and persisting.  It is about going the distance and being a better you.

  • It took me 8 months to lose 19 lbs.
  • It took me 4 years to earn my black belt in martial arts.
  • It took me a year and a half to run my first half marathon.

For each of those accomplishments there were bumps along the way. Right now you might be experiencing your own setback. I have many friends in the middle of their own struggles right now. It sucks being in that place and it is difficult to have the patience and discipline and fortitude to overcome them.

Persist. You will be stronger in the end.

Which of your goals took longer than expected for you to achieve? What current goals to you have? How do you plan to accomplish them? Are you willing to persist through unforeseen obstacles that will inevitably come up along the way?

Let’s commit to our goals and to going the distance to reach them.




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