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It’s been a week since I got this news and I’m still excited and honored. I submitted my application a few weeks ago to become an Ambassador for Betty Designs Triathlon Wear. I had no idea how many applicants there were or how hard it would be to join their team. I only knew that loved their feminine but fierce designs and that I was inspired by the current Team Betty ambassadors. I wanted to be part of their team.


Their application said that we would be notified by October 30th. Friday the 30th came and left without any email from Betty Designs.  I hit refresh on gmail many times that night. Needless to say I was pretty disappointed.

On Monday I saw announcements on Facebook and Instagram of my Team Betty 2015 favorites getting invited back to join next year’s team. I had already given up hope that an invite was on its way to me and was super excited for those ladies. Yes, to be honest, I felt a twinge of jealousy.

Tuesday was pretty rough day at work. Long day, lots of projects pulling me in different directions. By 5 I was just so ready to go home and decompress.

Surprise! I was welcomed by this note in my inbox.

snakeskin tote label 2.5 x 2

I read it twice to make sure that I was in but I recognized the invite since I had seen it the day before posted by others. I was thrilled. It made my day.

Stay tuned! I am waiting for my official information to come along with my referral link. I will share it here along with all other special announcements!


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