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Thanks for visiting! You arrived here most likely through one of my social media sites or from my About Me page.  Here you can get a quick overview of the site so you can quickly find what you are looking for.

My name is Jennifer and I am a full time working mom of 2.  I created this site to help motivate and inspire other busy mamas like me in their journey for better health and fitness. I have a few main sections of this site and they are summarized below. If you want to learn about me visit this page.

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Accountability Group. As I said, I am not perfect. I have been able to maintain a healthier weight but it is work! I found that leading challenge groups keeps me accountable and help me stay on track. I love that my groups help others too! My groups involve simple short challenges such as quitting junk food for 7 days, staying hydrated for a week, doing daily planks/squats for a month etc etc.  If you want to see how it works, join my group in Facebook and stay accountable too!

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Fitness Programs. Whether or not you are my accountability group challenger you might be ready to commit to a regular fitness program.  I workout at home and on my schedule. I LOVE it! Feel free to contact me ANYTIME to talk about this! I share some information about the fitness programs I have used here but honestly I can answer most of you questions if you reach out to me.

Oatmeal Breakfast BakeRecipes. I am no fancy chef but I LOVE to bake and sometimes cook. I do enjoy adapting my favorites recipes to so they can be included in a healthy, clean or paleo diet. I have been growing my recipe library little by little. Please check them out.


Team Betty.  A few years ago I discovered running and triathlon – running, biking and swimming – I LOVE IT.  This passion led me to the beautiful athletic wear at BettyDesigns.com. I love that their clothing is functional yet feminine. I am  proud and excited to be a brand ambassador Team Betty for my second year.  This experience has been wonderful since the team is filled with like minded awesome women who love to inspire and motivate as much as I do!

I invite you to read more about my journey and why I created this site in my about me page.

Thanks for reading. Be sure to visit regularly.

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