Pen to Paper

Do you write much? I don’t mean write books or essays … just use the pen and paper.

I don’t. As an IT professional and a gadget person I type all the time. I am sure most of you are the same. It is fast and easy. In the meantime, however, my handwriting has gotten pretty poor. I am so out of practice!

Just this week I decided to start writing. I observed that all of these successful business entrepreneurs I admire recommend meditating and journaling daily. I know you are thinking that you do not want to sit cross legged on the floor and say “OHM” or bare your soul on in a book or take hours to write. I thought this too.

Nope, this is different.

Pen to Paper - My Five Minute Journal - web

I started journaling using the Five Minute Journal. I like that it is short and it gives me prompts. I can express gratitude, set my direction for the day and I am done. I like taking those 5 minutes a day to establish my day’s goals and solidify it on paper. It has only been a few days so far but it has helped me feel less crazy in my super busy life.

AND …. I get to write again.

Obviously I am not writing a lot in those five minutes but I find using pen and paper again oddly soothing. My handwriting is improving too.  A nice bonus.



Another great journaling resource: 8 Ways to Stop Thinking About Journaling and Actually Start Journaling




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