September Challenge – Create a Habit

Create A Habit

This month our challenge is “Break a Habit, Create a Habit”

I really need a kick in the pants right now.  Summer break is over, my kids are in school and I feel like I’m drowning in “TO DO” list items. Do you feel the same?

I think it’s a great time to kick off a “Break a Habit, Create a Habit” challenge. YOU should join us.


Some ideas for new habits are

  1. Stick to the 80/20 healthy eating plan
  2. Start meditating (again)
  3. Do 30 minutes of personal development reading every day
  4. Be active 30 minutes a day
  5. Tidy a different room in my house every day.

The list can go on! What habit do you want to work on next month? You don’t have to have an idea before joining the group. Let us help you brainstorm.

I always do better with these challenges when I have to be accountable to my group. DO this with me!

Contact me today to be added to the accountability group!


Not all Beachbody coaches are created equal. Few are more active and consistent than most. Some have shown years of dedication to their customers and business. Some have a personal message and story that resonates with you. I am one of those few active, consistent and dedicated coaches. I strive to motivate others by sharing my journey. I listen to and respond to your needs. Before you make your Beachbody purchase, choose a coach that inspires, encourages and helps you stay on track with your health and fitness goals.

Contact me to discuss your health and fitness goals!


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