She did it!

I connected with this awesome lady on Facebook a couple of years ago. After a few months she messaged me she wanted to race a triathlon but due to her situation at the time she was not able to do it.

This year when registration opened up for this race I sent her the link to the page. I knew she was in the middle of a job transition so I didn’t push. I sent her another gentle reminder just before the next price hike on the race….

Well last February she finally bit the bullet and signed up. This was a crazy time for her though. She had an awesome new full time job and was traveling all over the country. She did it anyway… We kept on talking and we both made sure she was squeezing in her training. …got a used bike…Treadmill while away… Swim at the hotel… run trails at home… Spin at the hotel… Bike at home…Swim at the Y …it was a commitment and it was hard at times. BUT she did it.

Last week she COMPLETED her first tri! I made a point of being there and was happy to run part of the way with her for moral support. Congrats Kelly! You are a triathlete!

First Tri - She Did It


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