Triathlon Checklist for Newbies

For my first triathlon a friend of mine sent me this LONG list of things to bring. She found this comprehensive list in some website. I was overkill and it was not for a new triathlete like I was at the time. I ended up getting a fraction of what was on the list and I did fine!

As a newbie, you might not be ready to invest a lot of dollars on a high end bike or a tri kit.  You might not even know if you will race a triathlon again. For my first race, I was on a budget and my goal simply was to finish within a respectable time. I did not want to go to crazy in the spending department.

Triathlon Checklist

Here I am sharing with you that same full list from my friend. I added checks so you can see what is truly necessary for your race. Some items on the list have no checks – these items are not necessary for everyone. You can decide to get item that are not checked. It is your choice – it all depends on your budget and how competitive you want to be.

This list could be SO MUCH longer. If you talk to serious competitive triathletes – they could easily double it. I left out the fancy gadgets such as GPS watch or and power meters. if you want to know more about those I could point you to triathlon specific blogs. This post meant for someone just coming into the sport so you have an idea what you will need versus what is nice to have.

Visit later for another blog post that will talk about these items in more detail.

blank2 Super Sprint Sprint Olympic Half Ironman
Swim blank2
Breakfastblank2  Check  Check  Check  Check
Pre-race sandals or other footwearblank2  Check  Check
Swim Suitblank2  Check  Check
Tri Kitblank2  Check  Check
Wetsuit (if wetsuit legal race)blank2  Check  Check
Capblank2  Check  Check  Check  Check
Gogglesblank2  Check  Check  Check Check
Antifog solution for gogglesblank2  Check  Check  Check  Check
Bodyglide (skin lubricant)blank2  Check  Check
Towelblank2  Check  Check  Check  Check
Spare gogglesblank2  Check  Check  Check  Check
Ear plugsblank2
Extra contacts (if you wear them)blank2  Check  Check  Check  Check
Hybrid or mountain bikeblank2  Check  Check
Road or Tri Bikeblank2  Check  Check
Water bottles (for frame cages) or hydration pack  Check  Check  Check  Check
Bag attached under seat or mounted on top tube  Check  Check  Check
Spare tube or tubes (and/or patch kit)blank2  Check  Check  Check
Floor pumpblank2  Check  Check  Check
Tire leversblank2  Check  Check  Check
Cyclist’s multi-tool (with Allen wrenches)blank  Check  Check  Check
CO2 inflator (with cartridge) or minipumpblank  Check  Check  Check
Helmetblank2  Check  Check  Check  Check
Sunglasses or clear eye protectionblank2
Mirror (for handlebar or helmet)blank2 may not be allowed
Jersey, T-shirt or tank topblank2
Cycling shortsblank2
Cycling glovesblank2
Cycling footwearblank2  Check  Check
Cycling socksblank2
Running shoesblank2  Check  Check  Check  Check
Speed (elastic) lacesblank2  Check  Check
Running socksblank2  Check  Check
Cap or visorblank2  Check  Check
Sunglasses (if different from cycling glasses) blank2
Watch or heart rate monitor with chest strap blank2
Other optionsblank2
First-aid items (blister treatment, bandages) blank2
Road ID!Medical info/emergency contact card  Check  Check  Check  Check
Prescription/over-the-counter medications  Check  Check  Check  Check
Sunscreenblank2  Check  Check  Check
Lip balmblank2
Chamois creamblank2
Baby wipes (for cleanups) or hand sanitizer blank2
Race number and documentsblank2  Check  Check  Check  Check
Race belt (for number)blank2  Check  Check  Check
Safety pinsblank2  Check
Performance gels/chews/barsblank2  Check  Check  Check
Performance beverages or drink mixesblank2  Check  Check  Check
Recovery foods/drinksblank2  Check  Check  Check
Waterproof bagblank2 Check Check  Check
Transition bag(s)blank2 Check Check  Check
Bike tire pressure gaugeblank2
Cash/credit card/photo IDblank2
After-race clothing (insulation layers if cool)  Check
Duffel (catch-all for loose gear)blank2  Check


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